Mighty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Nobody died.

Pushing, shoving and stinking skulls.


The gist:

Cold room… Frothmer, Wine and Ale all try to steal the battle-axe but only succeed in falling down and passing out!

Rings found, chaos tabard, etc.

The next room reveals three prisoners chained to the dungeon wall… rescuing them, the party accepts them as their own. Or brings them along as cannon fodder, somewhere in the middle.

Next room has two murals (see handouts) and contains the brackish pool of bones… Following up on an overwhelming urge, Ale peers in… no sooner does he see a skull floating with glowing eyes, but Sigourney pushes him in…

All gross, sees ring at the bottom…

Dweb takes skull…

All don Chaos tabards (Sigourney wearing one found earlier)… Sigourney convinces Harhelm to turn valve in pool… one scream later the party turns round…

Some arguing, Ale and Dweb go down, Sigourney next… Skulls n bones, lots of fun, Dweb finds ring, skull eyes glow brighter….

Dweb summons Lord Archibald, with the sound of a mourning shriek! Find an exit, leads further down some steps, right against the bay of the starless sea… boat, standing stone, as in murals.


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